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Tiny Contact Form

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Ein ganz einfaches und kleines Kontaktformular.

Einfach in den Einstellungen die Empfänger-Email-Adresse angeben und den Shortcode (siehe readme.txt) an den gewünschten Stellen eintragen. Fertig.

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Tiny Contact Form 0.7

Contributors: Tom Braider
Tags: email, mail, contact, form
Donate link:
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 4.6
Stable tag: 0.7

Little form that allows site visitors to contact you by email.


Use [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] within any post or page.
Add the widget to your sidebar.


  1. unzip plugin directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. check the settings (email, messages, style) in backend
  4. insert [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] in your page or/and add the widget to your sidebar
  5. without widgets use this code to insert the form in your sidebar.
<?php echo do_shortcode("[TINY-CONTACT-FORM]"); ?>
<?php global $tiny_contact_form; if (isset($tiny_contact_form)) echo $tiny_contact_form->showForm(); ?>

Frequently Asked Questions

How to style?

  • The complete form is surrounded by a div class="contactform". Tags in FORM: LABEL, INPUT and TEXTAREA.
  • To change the form style in your sidebar you can use .widget .contactform (plus tags above) in your template style.css.
  • Since v0.3 you can use the settings.

Need Help? Find Bug?

read and write comments on plugin page


  1.">" title="1. contact form on page" />
    1. contact form on page
  2.">" title="2. contact form widget in sidebar" />
    2. contact form widget in sidebar
  3.">" title="3. settings page" />
    3. settings page

Arbitrary section



  • new language: Turkish, thanks to Emrullah Tahir Ekmekçi
  • new language: Dutch, thanks to Erik Collou
  • new language: Arabic, thanks to qasem
  • language update: Italian, thanks to Alberto Scocco


  • new: multi widgets with different receivers
  • new: 5 additional fields (e.g. website, phone) possible
  • new: to hide form after submit is your choice now
  • new: alternative "question answer captcha"
  • new language: Swedish, thanks to Thomas
  • some bugfixes


  • new: set reciever and subject in shortcode [TINY-CONTACT-FORM to="abc@def.hi" suject="Hello"]
  • new: get subject from url like ?subject=Hello
  • now name and email of the writer are the default "From" data if non "From" given on options page


  • new translation: hebrew, thanks Sahar Ben-Attar


  • Bugfix: referer on pages with more post was wrong
  • Bugfix: PHP4 compatibility, "static" before function deleted
  • new translation: Danish, thanks to Jonas Thomsen


  • new: optional captcha
  • new: referer (page the mail was sent) in mail
  • new translation: France, thanks to Jef Blog


  • Bugfix: little change in stylesheet to realy hide the "hidden" fields


  • Bugfix: little change in spam check


  • new translation: Belorussian, thanks to Marcis Gasuns


  • new: custom widget title and submit button


  • new translation: hungarian, thanks MaXX


  • new translation: espanol, thanks Jeffrey


  • new translations: hr and italiano, thanks Alen


  • new: more user settings
  • new: language support (english, german)
  • change to wp_mail()


  • new: sidebar widget to easy add the form to the sidebar


  • first release
created by Readme Parser

Zu guter letzt ein Style-Sheet Beispiel. Wird ja oft genug danach gefragt.

/* field names */
 .contactform label { display:block; }
 /* fields */
 .contactform input { display:block; width:400px; border:1px blue solid; }
 /* message area */
 .contactform textarea { display:block; width:400px; height:200px; }
 /* ok message */
 .contactform_respons { display:block; color:green; font-weight:bold; border: 2px green solid; padding:10px; }
 /* error message */
 .contactform_error { display:block; color:red; font-weight:bold; border: 2px red solid; padding:10px; }
 /* smaller widget form */
 .widget .contactform { width:200px; }
 .widget .contactform input { width:98%; }
 .widget .contactform textarea { width:98%; height:100px; }

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  1. Alen Alen sagt:

    Hi Tom,
    thanks for such a fast reply. I sent you the language files u1F609.svgz

    Well, I disabled comments on the whole site, becuase I'm buliding site more like CMS then blog ( even not using posts, just pages ).
    I don't want no comments except for this mailform.
    Here's the form's location so you can see the error.

    Is it maybe the matter of setting up mail server with my hosting company ?

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      You can test the mail server if you add a new user. Then you (admin) get a mail. If not your mail server settings (in php.ini?) are wrong.
      And thanks for the translations! u1F60A.svgz

      • Alen Alen sagt:

        Yeah, well, still no result ... u1F622.svgz
        Thanks for your help, anyway... I cannot access php.ini (hosting company)

        Btw, I'm trying to make msg_ok and msg_err to change as the language change, but the TCF options always save my current language "OK" and "error "message. So I alyways have, for example, italian ok or error, even if I'm on english or croatian page.

        I tried to delete code in the admin part ( in the form input value ) but it doesn't work ... u1F64F.svgz

  2. Alen Alen sagt:

    Well .... Thanks Tom for help ... I had it enough for today ( my head is like pumpkin already ... u1F601.svgz )

    I'll contact you tomorrow perhaps, regarding your plugin, ok ... ?

    Thanks and bye,

  3. Where and what do I need to put in the style.css in the theme? I don't quite understand exactly where to put exactly what phrase?

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      If you click "reset" in the settings you will see the empty labels that you can style. The content of these textarea you can cut/paste in your style.css and empty the field. For your form in the sidebar e.g.

      .widget .contactform input ,
      .widget .contactform textarea
      { width:200px; }
  4. Jay Jay sagt:

    Thank you for mentioning myself and my website with your plugin! I really appreciate it!

  5. Alen Alen sagt:

    Hi Tom.

    Thanks for mentioning me too ... Although, it wasn't really neccessary, you are the one that does the real work here.
    I solved sending mail ( I installed plugin and it works through SMTP ... u1F366.svgz ).

    I really would like if the OK and ERROR messages would be translatable. Wouldn't you agree that, if you have field labels translatable, it would be reasonable to have the return messages translatable also ? Btw, I'm trying to make that changes to your script to make it so, but it's really not working ... yeah's because I'm real php noob. u1F60F.svgz .

    Well, I'm looking forward to your updates ... u1F44F.svgz
    p.s.: keep this "tiny"... don't put too many options to make this plugin comlicated like others ..


    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Congratulation for your mail fix. u1F44D.svgz
      You only can translate "static" phrases. They must be in xyz.po. Now i have the messages in the options and any user can change them. So i can't include it in the translation files. To do this you have to change the code to static messages which also in the translation files. But the language is set by the WP_LANG in wp-config.php. So you have change this setting if a visitor ist change the frontend language. Not soooo easy.
      Hint: Style ok green and error red. u1F609.svgz

      • Alen Alen sagt:

        Well, I know about WP_LANG and the rest.
        I changed .po ( thus, and .mo ) file, and also I changed your tiny-contact-form.php lines ( $msg_ok = __('Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.','tcf-lang'); ) and it worked ...

        Only, when I refreshed options page Ok and Error fields was filled with current language text ... I suppose it has to do something with writing options in database, perhaps ... ?

        Anyway, if it can't be done, it can't ... :-|
        Maybe you could ( to have all the form translatable ) change this:
        input type=”submit” name=”submit” value=”‘ .__(’Submit’, ‘tcf-lang’). ‘” id=”contactsubmit”

        Ok, thanks for your effort and time ...
        I won't bother you any more u1F609.svgz ( maybe)


        • Tom Tom sagt:

          1. If you want translate your messages ignore the options and place static strings like in your comment. But you have to change ALL messages in all function.
          2. The submit button get its value of the browser language. So i think every visitor can can read it.
          3. "bother" if you want. You have my email adress. u1F609.svgz

  6. Alen Alen sagt:

    Hi Tom.
    Just wanted to let you know that I made YOUR script do what I wanted to do ( you know that language issue .. ). I hope you don't mind ...
    You can see it in action on that adress. If you want to see what I've done, what clumsy "coding" i did I will send you the file .

    Just to thank you again for this usefull script ! Thanks !!

    Bye Alen

  7. Danny Danny sagt:

    is there no way to change the title

  8. robin robin sagt:

    "the widget title is hardcoded in line 208"

    that's only for the widget page though if i'm right. i'd like to change the title on my published page, like yours below says "kommentar schreiben" i'd like the top of my form to say "please contact us" or something original like that u1F631.svgz

  9. gustavo gustavo sagt:

    hello, and thanks for such an awesome form!!, very handy, simple and, tiny!! I've been trying to use it and so far I've suceeded, however I have a couple issues, sorry if the question is too basic, but my knowledge in this is basic as well u1F631.svgz
    The first thing is that I would like to change the title, in my website (under construction) it says tiny contact form, I would like to write "contact me" or something like that, and the second one, I'm looking for a way to change the submit button, I was able to change the fields but I can't find a way to change the background and the name of the submit button, I mean, instead of it saying "submit query", can I write something like "send" or something like that? and, how can I change the background, so it fits the rest of the theme?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!, you can check my website at, but my new website underconstruction is, I'm still working on it, I'm new on wordpress and I still have a lot to learn u1F620.svgz

  10. Ian Ian sagt:

    IS there any chance of adding spam protection to the plugin.

    I get a lot of spam from it.

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