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Tiny Contact Form

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Ein ganz einfaches und kleines Kontaktformular.

Einfach in den Einstellungen die Empfänger-Email-Adresse angeben und den Shortcode (siehe readme.txt) an den gewünschten Stellen eintragen. Fertig.

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Tiny Contact Form 0.7

Contributors: Tom Braider
Tags: email, mail, contact, form
Donate link:
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 4.6
Stable tag: 0.7

Little form that allows site visitors to contact you by email.


Use [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] within any post or page.
Add the widget to your sidebar.


  1. unzip plugin directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. check the settings (email, messages, style) in backend
  4. insert [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] in your page or/and add the widget to your sidebar
  5. without widgets use this code to insert the form in your sidebar.
<?php echo do_shortcode("[TINY-CONTACT-FORM]"); ?>
<?php global $tiny_contact_form; if (isset($tiny_contact_form)) echo $tiny_contact_form->showForm(); ?>

Frequently Asked Questions

How to style?

  • The complete form is surrounded by a div class="contactform". Tags in FORM: LABEL, INPUT and TEXTAREA.
  • To change the form style in your sidebar you can use .widget .contactform (plus tags above) in your template style.css.
  • Since v0.3 you can use the settings.

Need Help? Find Bug?

read and write comments on plugin page


  1.">" title="1. contact form on page" />
    1. contact form on page
  2.">" title="2. contact form widget in sidebar" />
    2. contact form widget in sidebar
  3.">" title="3. settings page" />
    3. settings page

Arbitrary section



  • new language: Turkish, thanks to Emrullah Tahir Ekmekçi
  • new language: Dutch, thanks to Erik Collou
  • new language: Arabic, thanks to qasem
  • language update: Italian, thanks to Alberto Scocco


  • new: multi widgets with different receivers
  • new: 5 additional fields (e.g. website, phone) possible
  • new: to hide form after submit is your choice now
  • new: alternative "question answer captcha"
  • new language: Swedish, thanks to Thomas
  • some bugfixes


  • new: set reciever and subject in shortcode [TINY-CONTACT-FORM to="abc@def.hi" suject="Hello"]
  • new: get subject from url like ?subject=Hello
  • now name and email of the writer are the default "From" data if non "From" given on options page


  • new translation: hebrew, thanks Sahar Ben-Attar


  • Bugfix: referer on pages with more post was wrong
  • Bugfix: PHP4 compatibility, "static" before function deleted
  • new translation: Danish, thanks to Jonas Thomsen


  • new: optional captcha
  • new: referer (page the mail was sent) in mail
  • new translation: France, thanks to Jef Blog


  • Bugfix: little change in stylesheet to realy hide the "hidden" fields


  • Bugfix: little change in spam check


  • new translation: Belorussian, thanks to Marcis Gasuns


  • new: custom widget title and submit button


  • new translation: hungarian, thanks MaXX


  • new translation: espanol, thanks Jeffrey


  • new translations: hr and italiano, thanks Alen


  • new: more user settings
  • new: language support (english, german)
  • change to wp_mail()


  • new: sidebar widget to easy add the form to the sidebar


  • first release
created by Readme Parser

Zu guter letzt ein Style-Sheet Beispiel. Wird ja oft genug danach gefragt.

/* field names */
 .contactform label { display:block; }
 /* fields */
 .contactform input { display:block; width:400px; border:1px blue solid; }
 /* message area */
 .contactform textarea { display:block; width:400px; height:200px; }
 /* ok message */
 .contactform_respons { display:block; color:green; font-weight:bold; border: 2px green solid; padding:10px; }
 /* error message */
 .contactform_error { display:block; color:red; font-weight:bold; border: 2px red solid; padding:10px; }
 /* smaller widget form */
 .widget .contactform { width:200px; }
 .widget .contactform input { width:98%; }
 .widget .contactform textarea { width:98%; height:100px; }

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  1. titi titi sagt:


    I'm expecting a problem. When I submit the form I got no confirmation message but I receive the e-mail correctly.

    But the error message displays good.

    Any help?

  2. titi titi sagt:

    Your last idea was the good one u1F60A.svgz It works !! ahah u1F60A.svgz

    It's been weeks I try to find THE contact plugin... others plugins are in conflict with my JS, and some others are sh***.

    Thanks. But I think maybe you should take a look at the SFC Like Button plugin,and try to save your "unset" function in another way. u1F60A.svgz
    Because many people are using it.

  3. titi titi sagt:

    And a translation for the JS popup could be great u1F60A.svgz

    Thanks for your help and for this simple plugin.

  4. titi titi sagt:


    I'm expecting another problem. After submitting and I click just one time. I receive the e-mail 3 times. Why that?

    Thank you,

  5. lijing lijing sagt:


    ich wollte das "abschicken" Button ein grauer hinterground einlegen. Wie geht das? Ich habe das Script von tiny-contact-form.php versucht, geht nicht weiter. Es wäre cool, Sie mir hilfen könnten. Dank!

  6. titi titi sagt:

    Also the subject of the email contain the title of the blog and mine contains accent and quote. So I receive like this: "...... l & #39 ; air"

    Maybe you should fix this while I will remove the title in the subject u1F609.svgz

  7. ilBi ilBi sagt:

    Hi Tom,
    i upload and add your plugin in my contact page,
    but i have to ask u a question?

    In your options page the second voice it would mean to insert the e-mail of sender for receiving a copy of its own message?
    That is?

    Italian translation is not properly done in a correct/ right way, i hope to find some free time to sent u the right italian translation for IT version.

    in message error label i write a " ' " charater but when i save the options a " " character appeas before the " '".
    I could not verify that but how the ERROR message will be displayed?

    another question:

    1)How to customize submit button in TCF option?
    i.e. using class u1F60A.svgz
    2)Why in my contact form there isn’t any space beetwen captcha and the submit buttom?

    A suggestion:
    Did you ever thinking about changing "/" with ":" or "÷" in captcha code?


    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Hi ilBI,

      1. With the second (optional) email on options page you can set the FROM Email. Default is the blog admin email. A CC to the sender i will add in the next update.
      2. It's difficult to keep the translations up to date. You can always sent me an new version. u1F609.svgz
      3. ' is wrong escaped. It's on my check list.
      4. The submit button has id="contactsubmit".
      5. Space captcha-submit: try #contactsubmit {margin-top: 10px;}
      6. I think "/" is ok, on all keyboards.
      That's all? u1F613.svgz u1F609.svgz

  8. ilBi ilBi sagt:

    Hi Tom,
    did u eve listeng about follwing trouble:
    i can save the option both with your plugin that with another contact form plugin
    Contact Form 7.
    Usually i don't find such kind of problem during my duty with my wp blog.


    • Tom Tom sagt:

      sorry, i don't understand.
      just use only one plugin. u1F609.svgz

      • ilBi ilBi sagt:

        Ok i forget a " 't" so:
        i can' t save the option both with your plugin that with another contact form plugin Contact Form 7.
        I've tried before with your plug in, than disabled your plug in and clered your code in contact page and installing the other plug in mentioned.
        Did you ever seen about save option problem?
        maybe caused by incompatibility with other plugins? u1F64F.svgz

        and thanks for your support u1F44D.svgz

        • Tom Tom sagt:

          you have installed tcf and cf7. and now you can't save my options? ok, that's strange. i will take a look to cf7 and made a test. give me some days. u1F609.svgz

          • ilBi ilBi sagt:

            No...the problem is: already yesterday in the afternonn o could not save your page option ( infinitive loop) so later i triey more.
            See that no saving was possible i disinstalled your and i tryied with another contact form plug in: same problems with saving process.
            So i think to contact you about if you ever listening about saving options problems of such kind of pligin:-)

            u1F60F.svgz u1F64B.svgz

  9. ilBi ilBi sagt:

    Least but not the last:
    maybe some incompatibility with Simplemodal contact form?

    Bye bye and sorry for the quantity of comments:-)

  10. hi..
    i like your tiny contact form widget, i have had no problems with its use.. i do have one issue.. its too wide for my sidebar.. please take a look, . its on the lower right, how do i adjust the box width? thanks for your time.

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Hi Kristina,
      you have to change the Style like this:
      .widget .contactform { width:200px; }
      .widget .contactform input { width:98%; }
      .widget .contactform textarea { width:98%; height:100px; }
      Maybe only the last line, because only your textarea is to big.

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