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Tiny Contact Form

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Ein ganz einfaches und kleines Kontaktformular.

Einfach in den Einstellungen die Empfänger-Email-Adresse angeben und den Shortcode (siehe readme.txt) an den gewünschten Stellen eintragen. Fertig.

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Tiny Contact Form 0.7

Contributors: Tom Braider
Tags: email, mail, contact, form
Donate link:
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 4.6
Stable tag: 0.7

Little form that allows site visitors to contact you by email.


Use [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] within any post or page.
Add the widget to your sidebar.


  1. unzip plugin directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. check the settings (email, messages, style) in backend
  4. insert [TINY-CONTACT-FORM] in your page or/and add the widget to your sidebar
  5. without widgets use this code to insert the form in your sidebar.
<?php echo do_shortcode("[TINY-CONTACT-FORM]"); ?>
<?php global $tiny_contact_form; if (isset($tiny_contact_form)) echo $tiny_contact_form->showForm(); ?>

Frequently Asked Questions

How to style?

  • The complete form is surrounded by a div class="contactform". Tags in FORM: LABEL, INPUT and TEXTAREA.
  • To change the form style in your sidebar you can use .widget .contactform (plus tags above) in your template style.css.
  • Since v0.3 you can use the settings.

Need Help? Find Bug?

read and write comments on plugin page


  1.">" title="1. contact form on page" />
    1. contact form on page
  2.">" title="2. contact form widget in sidebar" />
    2. contact form widget in sidebar
  3.">" title="3. settings page" />
    3. settings page

Arbitrary section



  • new language: Turkish, thanks to Emrullah Tahir Ekmekçi
  • new language: Dutch, thanks to Erik Collou
  • new language: Arabic, thanks to qasem
  • language update: Italian, thanks to Alberto Scocco


  • new: multi widgets with different receivers
  • new: 5 additional fields (e.g. website, phone) possible
  • new: to hide form after submit is your choice now
  • new: alternative "question answer captcha"
  • new language: Swedish, thanks to Thomas
  • some bugfixes


  • new: set reciever and subject in shortcode [TINY-CONTACT-FORM to="abc@def.hi" suject="Hello"]
  • new: get subject from url like ?subject=Hello
  • now name and email of the writer are the default "From" data if non "From" given on options page


  • new translation: hebrew, thanks Sahar Ben-Attar


  • Bugfix: referer on pages with more post was wrong
  • Bugfix: PHP4 compatibility, "static" before function deleted
  • new translation: Danish, thanks to Jonas Thomsen


  • new: optional captcha
  • new: referer (page the mail was sent) in mail
  • new translation: France, thanks to Jef Blog


  • Bugfix: little change in stylesheet to realy hide the "hidden" fields


  • Bugfix: little change in spam check


  • new translation: Belorussian, thanks to Marcis Gasuns


  • new: custom widget title and submit button


  • new translation: hungarian, thanks MaXX


  • new translation: espanol, thanks Jeffrey


  • new translations: hr and italiano, thanks Alen


  • new: more user settings
  • new: language support (english, german)
  • change to wp_mail()


  • new: sidebar widget to easy add the form to the sidebar


  • first release
created by Readme Parser

Zu guter letzt ein Style-Sheet Beispiel. Wird ja oft genug danach gefragt.

/* field names */
 .contactform label { display:block; }
 /* fields */
 .contactform input { display:block; width:400px; border:1px blue solid; }
 /* message area */
 .contactform textarea { display:block; width:400px; height:200px; }
 /* ok message */
 .contactform_respons { display:block; color:green; font-weight:bold; border: 2px green solid; padding:10px; }
 /* error message */
 .contactform_error { display:block; color:red; font-weight:bold; border: 2px red solid; padding:10px; }
 /* smaller widget form */
 .widget .contactform { width:200px; }
 .widget .contactform input { width:98%; }
 .widget .contactform textarea { width:98%; height:100px; }

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  1. Henrietta Henrietta sagt:

    Five stars = fantastic!

    I tried transpose email first and unless you are an expert the level of installation information is pitiful.

    This makes a cute simple widget. Thank you! u1F60D.svgz

  2. Stefan Stefan sagt:


    sexy plugin!!!! Dankeschön!

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die lang-file zu bearbeiten, ich bräuchte Deutsch- SIE!


    Thanks for this great plugin.

    Is it possible to alter the lang -file I would need a polite german "Sie" instead of "Du"



  3. dorjee dorjee sagt:


    Very great plugin! It works on a French hosting server (FREE) which is famous for its limitations in sending emails with PHP function. Great!

    Now I would like to say something about a problem of spam. When you click backward in the browser the form is displayed again with all the fields filled and you have just to click again to send the same message. So, a silly spammer (they are all) can make a programme which makes backward+click submit button repetitively and send thousand of emails automatically.

    I tried to include this code:

    $_POST['tcf_sender'] = '';
    $_POST['tcf_email'] = '';
    $_POST['tcf_subject'] = '';
    $_POST['tcf_msg'] = '';

    after $result = $this->o['msg_ok'];
    but this has NO effect when one clicks on the backward button of the browser. Is it possible to empty all the fields surely just after the sending-submission of the form? (you understand that the captcha field is unusefull if you can send and re-send and re-send with only two clicks). Thank you.

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Hello dorjee,
      the $_POST variable will unset after successfully send the mail. Perhaps i can check the mail content and not send it twice.
      Thanks for the clue.

      • dorjee dorjee sagt:

        Hi Tom,

        thanks for the quick answer.

        I believed too that "the $_POST variable will unset after successfully send the mail" but it seems that this is does not works when the user makes a backward in his browser.

        If the second part of your answer is a method you suggest, maybe this could work, but is it not a little heavy-coding? Is it not possible to have a PHP action on the browser to delete the last history and oblige a refreshing of the page? Or at least changing the captcha formula... (of course i am not a PHP specialist)

  4. dorjee dorjee sagt:

    I add this:

    "autocomplete" on "off" is an interesting parameter which disallows the browser function to keep in cache the content of form fields (I found it in my bank website). So the user has to retype all text fields. Which is a first step. But unfortunately this is not a fix to the history-1 issue...

    • dorjee dorjee sagt:

      Well, I made some trying and error:

      // ok
      $_POST['tcf_sender'] = '';
      $_POST['tcf_email'] = '';
      $_POST['tcf_subject'] = '';
      $_POST['tcf_msg'] = '';
      echo '';
      			// error
      echo '';

      It works in firefox and chrome, but not in ie where teh fields are always filled after backward!

  5. dorjee dorjee sagt:


    other problem, in Firefox the hidden fields are displayed as more or less thin lines (not in IE or Chrome).

    The solution is to add an ID for hidden type fields in the tiny-contact-form.php file (end of the file). For example: id="hfield1" and id="hfield2".

    Then add this above in the CSS setting:

    /* hidden fields */
    #hfield1 { visibility:hidden; display:none; }
    #hfield2 { visibility:hidden; display:none; }

    I tried a .contactform hidden..., but it does not works.

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      The "Hide CSS" already added in my plugin version! And it works in Firefox which is my favorite browser.
      .tcf_input {display:none !important; visibility:hidden !important;}
      Also the fields have IDs tcf_name and tcf_sendit!

  6. [...] Tiny Contact Form : Toms Dimension Comments0 Leave a Reply Click here to cancel [...]

  7. Sean Sloan Sean Sloan sagt:

    Is there a simple way to add another field, say for phone #? That would be very useful to me. In fact I would send an immediate contribution if you could provide me with code to plug in. Thanks, Sean

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      A way? Yes. Simply? u1F609.svgz
      You have to add the field to the form and to the send function.
      For form see lines 84/85. Copy, paste and rename this subject field.
      To show it in the email, see line 133. Same procedure.

  8. I like the Plugin.

    But I am having a problem with trying to have the - Name tab moved below the main tab Contact.

    Check out our website to see the issue -


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