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No Future Posts

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Diese Plugin ändert den Post-Status von "future" auf "publish".

Warum? Normalerweise werden Einträge, die in der Zukunft liegen von WordPress ausgefiltert. Das hat den Vorteil, dass man Beiträge schreiben kann, die automatisch erst zu einem gewählten späteren Zeitpunkt veröffentlicht werden. Nachteil des Ganzen ist aber, dass man keine Termine einblenden kann. Durch mein Plugin werden nun auch vordatierte Beiträge ganz normal angezeigt.

Ausnahmen (Status bleibt "future") können per Artikel oder per Kategorie angegeben werden.


No Future Posts 1.4

Contributors: Tom Braider
Tags: posts, future, events
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: 1.4
License: Postcardware u1F60A.svgz
Donate link:

Makes your blog to a simple "Event Calendar"


Changes the status of all "future" posts to "publish".
So future posts will show in your blog like other posts.
I use it to show events. No calendar plugin is needed.

Exclude list for posts and categories.


  1. unzip plugin directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. check and save the options page

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? Find Bug?

read and write comments on plugin page


  1.">" title="1. Settings" />
    1. Settings

Arbitrary section

Known Issues
  • Post counter in the category list not always up to date. Just save an already published post in this category.



  • compatibility to WordPress 4
  • new language: Ukranian, thanks to Michael Yunat


  • bugfix: excluded categories
  • code optimization and cleanup
  • new language: Lithuanian, thanks to Vincent G
  • new language: Romanian, thanks to Alexander Ovsov


  • new language: russian, thanks Marcis Gasuns


  • new: uninstall function for wp 2.7


  • new: exclude lists for posts and categories
  • new: languages english, german


  • first release
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  1. Mike Mike sagt:

    u1F44F.svgz tanks for useful wordpress plugin !
    Just a question / upgrade : How can I have the future post in the calendar wiget too ? Because the DB update permit to see post content but the calendar only show past to present event.

  2. Tom Tom sagt:

    Hi Mike,
    I think the widget uses its own DB query to select the latest posts. Maybe the "post-date" that wasn't change by my plugin.

  3. Very handy plug-in! I'm with Mike, though, and think if it could show the post in the calendar widget as well, that would just be spectacular. Any chance you'll be adding this feature?

  4. Tom Tom sagt:

    Maybe. u1F64F.svgz I must see how the widget works. Maybe it is possible to change it by the plugin.

  5. Tom Tom sagt:

    You can change the WP file general-template.php (see patch above) to show the future posts in the calender too.

  6. Oh man, you're the greatest! Thanks so much for coming up with that so fast!

    You rule. u1F44D.svgz

  7. Tom Tom sagt:

    I give my best. u1F601.svgz

  8. Hey tom. Still loving the plug-in, but I had another idea for it I was wondering if you might be interested to try. I wish I knew anything about the coding of these plugins, but you seem pretty good at it!

    Anyway, I was wondering if there would be a way to show future posts for some categories, but not others. So if say you want to show posts in the category "Events" from future dates, but posts from category "Reviews" would not show posts from future dates.
    Also, in the same line of thinking, maybe there would be a way to show future posts on some Pages and not others.

    Hopefully that makes sense, but you were so quick at getting the calendar patch figured out, I thought maybe you could work this one out too. I'm still new to WordPress, but it's growing on me!

  9. Tom Tom sagt:

    Oh my goodness! u1F631.svgz u1F609.svgz You wish to exclude categories? Ok, i will think about it.
    But what do you mean with "to show future posts on some Pages and not others."? Do you want to keep some posts in future status? It's another exclude list, isn't it?

  10. Yes, that's what I mean. Just another exclude list.

    I'm interested to see what you can come up with! u1F64F.svgz

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