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Count per Day

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I am no longer the developer of the plugin.
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"Count per Day" ist ein Besucherzähler für WordPress.

Die Seitenaufrufe werden pro Artikel gespeichert. Dabei wird als "Reload-Sperre" nur ein Aufruf pro IP-Adresse und Tag berücksichtigt.

Beispiel: Wenn ein Leser 5 Artikel ansieht, sind alle "1 mal gelesen", aber der Gesamtzähler erkennt, dass es nur ein Besucher war.
Die Aufrufe können pro Artikel angezeigt werden. Im Admin-Bereich gibt es weitere Statistiken.


Count per Day 3.5.7

Contributors: Tom Braider
Tags: counter, count, posts, visits, reads, dashboard, widget, shortcode
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 4.8
Stable tag: 3.5.7
License: GPLv2
Donate link:

Visit Counter, shows reads and visitors per page, visitors today, yesterday, last week, last months and other statistics.


"Count per Day" counts 1 visit per IP per day. So any reload of the page do not increment the counter.

Languages, Translators


  1. unzip plugin directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

The activation will create or update a table wp_cpd_counter.

The Visitors-per-Day function use 7 days as default. So don't surprise about a wrong value in the first week.


See the Options Page and check the default values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? Find Bug?

read and write comments on


  1.">" title="1. Statistics on Count-per-Day Dashboard" />
    1. Statistics on Count-per-Day Dashboard
  2.">" title="2. Options" />
    2. Options
  3.">" title="3. Widget sample" />
    3. Widget sample

Arbitrary section


You can use these shortcodes in the content of your posts to show a number or list
or in your theme files while adding e.g. <?php echo do_shortcode("[THE_SHORTCODE]"); ?>.
To use the shortcodes within a text widget you have to add add_filter("widget_text", "do_shortcode"); to the functions.php of your theme.

[CPD_MOST_VISITED_POSTS limit="5" days="30" postsonly="1" posttypes="posts,pages"]
  • limit (optional): max records to show, default = all
  • days (optional), show last x days
  • postsonly (optional), 1 = don't show index pages
  • posttypes (optional), show this posttypes only, sets postsonly to 1
[CPD_POSTS_ON_DAY date="2010-10-06" limit="3"]
  • date (optional), format: year-month-day, default = today
  • limit (optional): max records to show, default = all
[CPD_MAP width="500" height="340" what="reads"]
  • width and height: size, default 500x340 px
  • what: map content - reads|visitors|online, default reads
[CPD_SEARCHES days="14" limit="20"]
  • days (optional), show last x days
  • limit (optional): show x most searched strings

You can place these functions in your template.
global $count_per_day;
if(method_exists($count_per_day,"show")) echo $count_per_day->getReadsAll(true);

to check if plugin is activated.

show( $before, $after, $show, $count, $page )'
  • $before = text before number e.g. <p> (default "")
  • $after = text after number e.g. reads</p> (default " reads")
  • $show = true/false, "echo" complete string or "return" number only (default true)
  • $count = true/false, false will not count the reads (default true)
  • $page (optional) PostID
  • only count reads, without any output
  • show call it
getFirstCount( $return )
  • shows date of first count
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserPerDay( $days, $return )
  • shows average number of visitors per day of the last $days days
  • default on dashboard (see it with mouse over number) = "Latest Counts - Days" in options
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsAll( $return )
  • shows number of total reads
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsToday( $return )
  • shows number of reads today
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsYesterday( $return )
  • shows number of reads yesterday
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsLastWeek( $return )
  • shows number of reads last week (7 days)
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsThisMonth( $return )
  • shows number of reads current month
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReadsPerMonth( $return )
  • lists number of reads per month
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserAll( $return )
  • shows number of total visitors
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserOnline( $frontend, $country, $return )
  • shows number of visitors just online
  • $frontend: 1 no link to map
  • $country: 0 number, 1 country list
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserToday( $return )
  • shows number of visitors today
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserYesterday( $return )
  • shows number of visitors yesterday
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserLastWeek( $return )
  • shows number of visitors last week (7 days)
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserThisMonth( $return )
  • shows number of visitors current month
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserPerMonth( $frontend, $return )
  • lists number of visitors per month
  • $frontend: 1 no links
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getUserPerPost( $limit, $frontend, $return )
  • lists $limit number of posts, -1: all, 0: get option from DB, x: number
  • $frontend: 1 no links
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getMostVisitedPosts( $days, $limits, $frontend, $postsonly, $return, $posttypes )
  • shows a list with the most visited posts in the last days
  • $days = days to calc (last days), 0: get option from DB
  • $limit = count of posts (last posts), 0: get option from DB
  • $frontend: 1 no links
  • $postsonly: 0 show, 1 don't show categories and taxonomies
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
  • $posttypes: comma separated list of post types, default: empty to show all
getVisitedPostsOnDay( $date, $limit, $show_form, $show_notes, $frontend, $return )
  • shows visited pages at given day
  • $date day in MySQL date format yyyy-mm-dd, 0 today
  • $limit count of posts
  • $show_form show form for date selection, default on, in frontend set it to 0
  • $show_notes show button to add notes in form, default on, in frontend set it to 0
  • $frontend: 1 no links
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getClients( $return )
  • shows visits per client/browser in percent
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getReferers( $limit, $return, $days )
  • lists top $limit referrers of the last $days days, 0: get option from DB, x: number
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getMostVisitedPostIDs( $days, $limit, $cats, $return_array )
  • $days last x days, default = 365
  • $limit return max. x posts, default = 10
  • $cats IDs of categories to filter, array or number
  • $return_array true returns an array with Post-ID, title and count, false returns comma separated list of Post-IDs
function getMap( $what, $width, $height, $min )
  • gets a world map
  • $what visitors|reads|online
  • $width size in px
  • $height size in px
  • $min : 1 disable title, legend and zoombar
getDayWithMostReads( $return )
  • shows day with most Reads
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
getDayWithMostVisitors( $return )
  • shows day with most Visitors
  • $return: 0 echo, 1 return output
  • With GeoIP you can associate your visitors to an country using the IP address.
  • On options page you can update you current visits. This take a while! The Script checks 100 IP addresses at once an reload itself until less then 100 addresses left. Click the update button to check the rest.
  • If the rest remains greater than 0 the IP address is not in GeoIP database (accuracy 99.5%).
  • You can update the GeoIP database from time to time to get new IP data. This necessitates write permissions to wp-content/count-per-day-geoip directory.
  • If the automatically update don't work download GeoIPv6.dat.gz, extract and rename it to GeoIP.dat and load it to the count-per-day-geoip directory.
  • More information about GeoIP on



  • Bugfix: security fixes in notes, options


  • Bugfix: check/block stored bad referrers


  • Bugfix: security fixes in export, referrer and mass bot functions


  • Bugfix: check for IPv6 compatibility on settings page


  • Bugfix: undefined function cpd_inet_pton (once again)


  • Bugfix: undefined function cpd_inet_pton


  • back in WordPress plugin repository
  • Bugfix: Worldmap shortcode


  • New: PHP 7 compatibility (mysqli)
  • New: GeoIP part is now available as addon (installation with 1 click, see the settings page), because WordPress hates non GPL code in its plugin repository (after several years...)
  • Bugfix: possible daylight saving time problem in chart (hopefully)
  • Bugfix: reset function now deletes also collections


  • Bugfix: Security fix backup download


  • New: limit the length of client and referer to reduce database size and eliminate MySql strict mode errors
  • New: exclude countries you not want to count
  • New: Flash free World map
  • New: Flag of Malawi
  • Bugfix: language support without WPLANG constant
  • Bugfix: get temp directory


  • New: List of most industrious Visitors
  • New: Export data as CSV file
  • New: count given post types only
  • New: Shortcode CPD_FLOTCHART to show the big chart
  • New: Popular Posts Widget, thanks to Maurits van der Schee
  • New: Part of IP adresses in Bot List, 192.168 will block all visitors from 192.168.x.x
  • New language: Chinese, thanks to Siyuan Tang
  • Bugfix: counting of cached pages
  • Bugfix: cleaning database, delete entries per IP in bot list
  • some little fixes


  • Bugfix: Plugin dir path fixed
  • Bugfix: CSS path fixed
  • Bugfix: search word now case insensitive
  • Bugfix: Translation of widget titles
  • New: world map of current visitors
  • New: check referer agains bot list
  • New: delete clients and referers of older entries


  • Bugfix: PHP without IPv6 support
  • New Language: Persian, thanks to Mahmoud Zooroofchi
  • Hint: use "update old counter data" to repair the unknown countries


  • Bugfix: inet_pton for windows php < 5.3
  • Bugfix: GeoIP support for online world map


  • Bugfix: GeoIP functionality


  • New: posts only parameters for [CPD_MOST_VISITED_POSTS]
  • New: don't count password protected posts without password
  • New: translate widget titles if possible
  • New: flags of Cambodia, Nigeria and Sudan
  • Bugfix: massbot post list has not show all post
  • Bugfix: security fix, XSS
  • Bugfix: problems while adding widgets
  • Bugfix: start session only in backend
  • Bugfix: empty database query


  • Bugfix: compatibility fix for WordPress 3.5


  • Bugfix: security fix, check user permissions



  • New: counter column in custom post lists
  • Bugfix: errors in search words
  • Bugfix: wrong counts in posts lists


  • Bugfix: massbot delete error
  • Bugfix: search words array sometimes corrupt
  • Bugfix: add collected data to reads per post, thanks to Suzakura Karin /
  • Language update: Japanese, thanks to Juno Hayami
  • Language update: Portuguese, thanks to Beto Ribeiro
  • Language update: Russian, thanks to Ilya Pshenichny
  • Language update: Bulgarian, thanks to joro


  • New: save search words
  • New shortcode: CPD_COUNTRIES_USERS
  • New: flags for Bahamas, Mongolia, Cameroon and Kazakhstan
  • Bugfix: can't move widgets
  • Bugfix: visitors per post list
  • Bugfix: "Clean Database" deleted collection too
  • Bugfix: browser summary Chrome/Safari fixed
  • Bugfix: get real remote IP address, not local server
  • Bugfix: security fixes
  • Change: create collection functions optimized
  • New language: Romanian, thanks to Alexander Ovsov
  • New language: Hindi, thanks to Love Chandel
  • New language: Finnish, thanks to Jani Alha
  • Language update: Ukrainain, thanks to Iflexion design


  • Bugfix: important fixes in map.php and download.php, thanks to


  • New: memory check before backup to avoid "out of memory" error
  • New: create temporary backup files for download only
  • New: delete backup files in wp-content on settings page
  • Bugfix: all posts shows 1 read in posts list
  • Bugfix: clean database shows 0 entries deleted


  • New: use now default WordPress database functions to be compatible to e.g. multi-db plugins
  • New: backup your counter data
  • New: collect entries of counter table per month and per post to reduce the database and speed up the statistics
  • New: functions and shortcodes [CPD_DAY_MOST_READS] [CPD_DAY_MOST_USERS] to shows days with most reads/visitors
  • New: option to cut referrer on "?" to not store query strings
  • New: parameter $postsonly for getMostVisitedPosts function to list single posts and pages only
  • New: flags for Moldavia and Nepal
  • New language: Norwegian, thanks to Stein Ivar Johnsen and Tore Johnny Bråtveit
  • New language: Azerbaijani, thanks to Bohdan Zograf
  • New language: Japanese, thanks to Juno Hayami
  • Bugfix: visitors per month list
  • Change: some function parameters
  • Change: little memory optimizing
  • Change: visitors currently online and notes will now managed per option, without seperate tables in database
  • Change: design updated
  • Change: old bar charts deleted
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  1. mallards66 mallards66 sagt:

    Hi Tom,

    ein Wunsch für die Zukunft: eine Möglichkeit, gezielt Länder von den Statistiken auszuklammern. In meinem Fall alle Aufrufe aus China, Taiwan, Russland, usw. wegzublenden. Dann müsste ich nicht laufend die IP's zur Bot-Liste hinzufügen.

    Sonst bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Plugin!

  2. Alan Alan sagt:

    Hi Tom, I got a problem with your plugin cpd.
    I'm using it since three years without any problem but a couple days ago started to not work at all, it counts just a few visits (2 or 3 ) per days.
    Usually I could see about 30 or 50 visits per day.
    I tryied to uninstall, delete database, reactivate the plugin but nothing happend...
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks for your work.

    Alan u1F60A.svgz

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      You could check the filter list. Perhaps there is an entry which blocks a lot of visits.

    • Russ Russ sagt:

      I may have the same issue as Alan. I've been using the plugin for several years. Today the daily count dropped from about 350 average hits to less than 50. I didn't make any changes so I'm not sure what would cause this...

  3. Jeroen Jeroen sagt:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for making this plugin. It works nice. I have one question though. On the count per day total overview page it does not show Brazil in any of the items. But when i click on the plug-in it self and settings, I can see that people from Brazil have visited my site. What could be the reason for that?

    Thanks for looking into this.

  4. […] Visits per day in January, as captured by “Count Per Day” WP plugin […]

  5. Un pluying que sin duda es esencial dentro del monitoreo web, muchas gracias u1F60A.svgz

  6. Astrid Astrid sagt:

    Hi Tom,

    vielen Dank für das Plugin, richtig klasse, hat alles was man braucht. Nun habe ich eine Frage. Nutzt dieses Plugin Cookies? Müsste ansonsten mein Impressum anpassen.

    LG Astrid

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Ich behaupte mal, dass WordPress allein schon Cookies setzt.
      Das Plugin benutzt die SESSION-Variable. Und spätestens dann wird ein Cookie mit der ID gesetzt.
      Schreib halt rein, dass du Cookies benutzt. Liest sich eh keiner durch. u1F609.svgz

  7. Rush Rush sagt:

    How can i add the shortcode?

  8. Dennis Eisen Dennis Eisen sagt:

    Bei mir ist das Plugin leider nur auf Englisch. Obwohl die Seitensprache Deutsch ist und auch alles andere Deutsch.
    An was kann das liegen? :/

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Liegt im Verzeichnis locale eine Dann sollte WordPress das Plugin auch eindeutschen.
      Hast du sonst irgendwelche Übersetzungs- oder Cacheplugings im Einsatz?

      • Dennis Eisen Dennis Eisen sagt:

        Die Dateien sind vorhanden, aber keine Deutsche übersetzung. Weder im Backend noch Frontend.

        WordPress und Plugin sind in der aktuellsten Version installiert.

        • Tom Tom sagt:

          Du könntest die mo-Datei nochmal per FTP im binären Modus auf den Server laden um sicher zu sein, dass sie auch das richtige Format hat. Ansonsten, keine Ahnung. Mal mögliche Fehlermeldungen von WordPress anzeigen oder loggen lassen.

          • Dennis Eisen Dennis Eisen sagt:

            Das erneute hochladen brachte leider keine Verbesserung.

            Nachdem ich jetzt am Code folgende Änderung vorgenommen habe funktioniert das ganze Problemlos.

            // locale support
            //if (defined('WPLANG') && function_exists('load_plugin_textdomain'))
            load_plugin_textdomain('cpd', false, $cpd_dir_name.'/locale');

            Woran kann es liegen das beide dieser Werte "False" sind?

            • Tom Tom sagt:

              Alles klar, hab mich mal belesen. Die Sprache wird nun als Option gespeichert und nicht mehr in der wp-config.php definiert define ('WPLANG', 'de_DE');. Ich hab das noch drin, und bekam daher keinen Fehler.
              Du hast das schon ganz richtig gemacht. u1F44D.svgz

  9. Vicente Vicente sagt:

    Hi , I've a problem with the countperday plugin, when I active the plugin, the webpage does not work, it appears in white.
    If I have the plugin no active, the page works correctly.
    I don't understand what happens.
    Please, can you help me??

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Looks like an php error. So check the error log or lets show WordPress the error messages.

      • Vicente Vicente sagt:

        Thanks for your fast answer.
        the only error I see is that:

        • Tom Tom sagt:

          It's a message from your browser not the site.
          And i don't understand.

          • Vicente Vicente sagt:

            the page works ok.
            If I active the plugin, the page stop working and appears the image that I've send to you.
            If I remove the plugin, it works again.
            I don't know why it happens and I also don't know where is the log, but I can't use your plugin.
            I'm really interested on using your counter on my web, if you need, I can send you by mail a user/password to solve this problem.

            • Tom Tom sagt:

              check this site for the WordPress debug mode.
              simple add
              define('WP_DEBUG', true);
              define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
              to your wp-config.php will create a debug.log file in your content directory.
              Don't forget to set both constants to false after your tests.

              • Vicente Vicente sagt:

                This is my log...
                Notice: load_plugin_textdomain was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.7 with no alternative available. in ...wp-includes/functions.php on line 3497
                Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ...wp-content/plugins/tweetily-tweet-wordpress-posts-automatically/Include/top-debug.php on line 57
                Notice: has_cap fue llamado con un argumento que está obsoleto desde la versión 2.0! El uso de niveles de usuarios por plugins y temas está obsoleto. Usa los perfiles y capacidades en su lugar. in ...wp-includes/functions.php on line 3495
                Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ...wp-includes/functions.php:3497) in ...wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1178

                • Tom Tom sagt:

                  Nothing with CpD.
                  Check tweetily-tweet-wordpress-posts-automatically.
                  Or deactivate all plugins, activate Cpd and check if it work. If so activate another plugin and check again. Perhaps there is an issuw with two plugins at the same time.

  10. Petra Petra sagt:

    Hallo u1F60A.svgz

    Frage Nummer eins: Hast du jemals meine Postkarte aus Dresden erhalten?

    Frage Nummer zwei: Die aktuelle Größe der Zähler-Tabelle wp380_cpd_counter ist 8.17 MB. Beim Versuch diese zu löschen und nur die Daten der letzten 31 Tage zu behalten, erscheint die Fehlermeldung: "Warning: Cannot set max_execution_time above master value of 30 (tried to set 300) in /var/www/web401/html/wp-content/plugins/count-per-day/counter-core.php on line 1064".

    Habe ich serverseitig irgendwo etwas falsch eingestellt oder woran liegt es, dass ich die Daten nicht löschen kann? Danke und viele Grüße

    • Tom Tom sagt:

      Hallo zurück!
      1. Ja, danke, nur bin ich sehr nachlässig mit dem Posten.
      2. Ich versuche dort die zeit hochzusetzen, damit das Script länger als 30 Sekunden laufen kann und nicht abbricht. Ist nur eine zusätzliche Maßnahme. Du hast anscheinend nicht die Rechte dieses Limit zu ändern. Sollte aber weiter kein Problem sein wenn du keine Millionen Einträge hast. Kommt auch auf den Server an.

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